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Combat Construction Company is an Afghan/American construction company which was established in 2005, as a national construction company. Combat Construction employs 42 field staff and 15 office staff at present and in the future we would like to grow our core business in existing and new markets with a highly motivated and dedicated team.

Our team of experienced sub-contractors, suppliers and employees have extensive experience in the construction of roads and building in various regions of Afghanistan and we are working for the common goal of the company and our clients. Our employee loyalty, qualification, competence and training are rewarded and motivated by management as some of them one day will lead the company. Management actively supports and guides the company with the latest information and engineering technology in order to effectively direct our team and resources. Combat Construction is dedicated to understanding the business needs of our clients and the timely completion of their project, which will ultimately fulfill the owner’s objective.

Combat Construction has the technical ability to handle difficult and challenging projects within Afghanistan. We combine U.S Engineering and construction management skills along with our local workforce’s ability to accomplish project completion and accuracy on time, and per the scope of work.

We only use local workers for construction of all of our project located in their particular areas and we pride ourselves on the local relationships we create between our company and the local community.

Combat Construction Company has always and will continue to adhere to U.S and International standards with every project we handle.